The Brands We Service:

South Suburbs of Chicago, IL
18049 Torrence Ave.
Lansing, IL
Phone: (708) 474-1205
Homewood, IL
Phone: (708) 798-9467
Northwest Indiana
6730 Columbia Ave. 
Hammond, IN
Phone: (219) 845-6336
Highland, IN
Phone: (219) 924-3343


Maintaining Your Cool

White colored kitchen cabinets

We don't usually give our refrigerators and freezers much thought. We open the door, we get what we need, close the door and don’t think about them again until we need a snack, a drink or it’s time to make dinner.


But what happens if those appliances break? Then they get your attention and so should we!


Federal Refrigeration provides the best appliance repair service in the Highland, IN area. For more than 28 years, we have offered residential customers the  

best in repair and customer service. Our professional staff can check out your appliance and quickly diagnose the problem and come up with a repair solution. And unlike many of our competitors, if your appliance can’t be repaired, you don’t pay a service charge.


We offer 24 hour phone service and if you need to replace your appliance, but you don’t want to pay for a brand new one, we have used appliances for sale. And although we specialize in refrigerators and freezers, we repair other appliances as well.


We service most makes and models.


So contact us today for service or for more information.